Monday, March 12, 2012

101-106/365 Bernat CAL Clue #2

by Bernat

I finished Clue 2 for my blueberry afghan. I really like this motif. I've seen others done in multiple colors, but I am trying to stick to the spirit of the CAL as much as possible (without actually using Bernat yarns, of course). So mine are done per the instructions, with 2 in my main color and 4 in color A. The third and fourth clues have been released already. I'll get on those after I do clue 2 for my artichoke afghan. (;

Pattern link on Ravelry.

Yarns used:
I Love This Yarn!: #250 Dark Country Blue
I Love This Yarn!: #098 Dark Denim
I Love This Yarn!: #096 Stonewash
I Love This Yarn!: #070 Soft Blue
(Not yet used: I Love This Yarn! #170 Dark Raspberry)

Hook used: H

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