Monday, March 12, 2012

101-106/365 Bernat CAL Clue #2

by Bernat

I finished Clue 2 for my blueberry afghan. I really like this motif. I've seen others done in multiple colors, but I am trying to stick to the spirit of the CAL as much as possible (without actually using Bernat yarns, of course). So mine are done per the instructions, with 2 in my main color and 4 in color A. The third and fourth clues have been released already. I'll get on those after I do clue 2 for my artichoke afghan. (;

Pattern link on Ravelry.

Yarns used:
I Love This Yarn!: #250 Dark Country Blue
I Love This Yarn!: #098 Dark Denim
I Love This Yarn!: #096 Stonewash
I Love This Yarn!: #070 Soft Blue
(Not yet used: I Love This Yarn! #170 Dark Raspberry)

Hook used: H

Friday, March 9, 2012

Collage #1

(1) Highland Rose, (2) Antique Pearls, (3) Yarn Clouds, (4) 16 Circles, (5) Square 19 of 99, (6) Pretty Petals, (7) Spring Fling, (8) Esther's Square, (9) Multi-Color Flower, (10) Circle of Friends, (11) Flower Square, (12) Love & Honor, (13) Morning Glory

This was the first afghan I decided I would do when I began this journey, as I am the only person in my home for whom I have not yet made an afghan. Everyone else has at least one. So, this is just for me. The patterns that jump out at me due to their amazing textures or due to the results I've seen from other people's color changes go into this one. This is the one that will *pop* for me. I'm loving it so far. (=

Yarns used:
Herrschner's Worsted 8: Sunshine
Red Heart Super Saver: E300-311 White
Red Heart Super Saver: E300-319 Cherry Red

Hook used: I

Saturday, March 3, 2012

100 Squares!

So, if you were paying attention, you saw that my last post included my 100th square. (= That means it's time for me to post some collages. Since I'm basically ahead right now (through next Friday - wow!), I'll post one afghan-based collage (based on the unanimous vote in the comments from a previous post) a day. Be on the lookout!