Monday, December 19, 2011

015/365 - Square 42 of 99

by Anne Halliday

Laying it all out there ... I decided to do this one, because I thought, "Hey, this small rectangle should be really easy to crank out quickly, so I can move on." Guess what? Not the case. This little bugger took a bit more time than anticipated. However, it was totally worth it. I love the texture the clusters give it. I would definitely do this one again.

Pattern link on Ravelry.

Yarns used:
I Love This Yarn!: #300 Grape
I Love This Yarn!: #310 Peacock
I Love This Yarn!: #350 Hot Rose
I Love This Yarn!: #30 Black

Hook used: I

Oh, and for those who noticed, I changed colors for Cassidy's squares, because after showing her Square 009/365 (which she doesn't know was for her), she told me, "It looks like an Easter basket." So, I chose more vibrant colors, though they're still a pink, a purple, and a green. I also added black for joining to give them a stained glass affect. Today, when she saw me photographing these, she said, "They still look kind of Easter-ish, and they're really girly." Can I not win? Argh ...

At this point, I think I'm just going to go random with her squares, because I am NOT going to buy even more yarn for her.

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